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30 August, 2015
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El Jefé Azul™ (The Blue Chief)
A 30 to 50+ watt slice of pure tone heaven. El Jefé has the capability of utilizing several different power tube configurations and can easily be biased using the external bias controls on the amp's rear panel. Boasting complete point to point, hand wiring using the best materials, unrushed, right here in Austin, Texas U.S.A. We took our time on this one and it shows. This amp is a player’s dream come true. Unlike other amplifiers, El Jefé has a sweetness throughout the volume range, and is very sensitive to the players touch. Possessing complex harmonics and sustain in the upper volume range, El Jefé cleans up nicely at lower volumes without losing articulation, warmth or personality. When paired with the ATL two-twelve Twin Cab™, El Jefé is a force to be reckoned with, possessing a dynamic sought after by many of the world's best players.


more info soon
more info soon