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29 August, 2015
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David and Bill; warming up the cabinet...
An Austin, Texas based business, conceived out of over 20 years experience, working with many of the world's best guitarists and bassists to help shape, define and refine their signature tones.

Austin Tone Lab founder Bill Ussery utilizes his knowledge and expertise to create durable and professional products of exceptional quality as demanded and used by today's top players. Bill states "Being a professional musician for nearly 35 years, I have seen and/or used every type of guitar and amp combination you could possibly imagine. As a pro amp tech for over 20 years, I have repaired and modified everything from the simplest to some of the most complex amps ever conceived. There are a lot of good products out there for guitar and bass players, but there are many fewer great products for the demanding professional. The principal differences between a good and a great product is in the attention to detail, functionality and quality of craftsmanship".

At Austin Tone Lab, our only goal is to design and build the highest quality, "bullet proof", functional products available. "Cookie cutter" design and manufacturing processes will never equal or replace hand crafted techniques. Sure, it costs more to produce the good stuff, but the payoff is an investment in a device that will most likely outlive the original owner and give many years of trouble free service.

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