The Blue Chief
Exclusive and unique features of El Jefé Azul™ include the following:
  1. Ability to use many different "octal" type power tubes with a simple bias adjustment. Note - output power is limited by tube dissipation.

  2. External, user adjustable bias controls and test points. Complete operational instructions and current charts included.

  3. Complexion™ control. An ATL exclusive - Complex harmonics are introduced and increased as the control is turned up, as well as raising power amp drive.

  4. Custom wound Mercury Magnetics™ transformers.

  5. Heavy gauge aircraft grade "sealed" aluminum chassis. ATL amps are completely RF shielded.


Front Panel - Input, Volume, Treble, Bass, Complexion™, Pilot lamp, Standby, Power (all new builds will include midrange)
Rear Panel
- AC inlet, Mains fuse, HT fuse, Bias controls and test points, 16, 8 (x2), and 4 (x2) ohm speaker jacks
Preamp tubes - 2 x 12AX7
Power tubes:
2 x 6V6 = 30 watts
2 x 6L6 (standard), 5881, KT66 or EL34 = 40 watts
2 x 6550 or KT88 = 50 watts

*Please note - Output wattage ratings are approximate and will vary according to the following factors -
1 - Local source voltage (Line voltage at my bench in Austin averages 122 - 124 VAC. I consider this higher than average)
2 - Tube brand / version (Output tube dissipation varies widely between brands and versions of tubes = not all 6V6's, 6L6's, EL34's or KT88's are created equal.)
3 - Bias setting (Cooler bias settings usually yield lower output power, but remember - It's about tone, not power)

To order

PLEASE NOTE: Each amplifier is handmade, please allow 60 - 90 days lead/delivery time